Key Markets

McKay United is proud to have serviced many clients across Victoria and interstate in a vast range of key market areas.

Through our long-standing commitment to our valued clients, we have gained experience and expertise across many industries, allowing us to deliver a safe, well planned and well executed service, time and time again.

With a strong presence in the rail network, Petro Chemical Plants and Refineries, Wind Farms, building and Construction and many more, our team will foresee challenges unique to each environment and offer an all-inclusive solution to all your lifting and transport needs.


McKay United’s team of specialist’s have been responsible for the safe and successful delivery of some of Victoria’s largest and most challenging high profile projects.

As exciting as it is to deliver major infrastructure projects, we are just as committed to our work on smaller, yet equally rewarding projects. From road and highways to rail bridges and telecommunication towers we are equipped for the task.

Our approach is to challenge the traditional way thinking and push for smarter more efficient ways to deliver our service, whilst always working with the highest level of safety standards on every project.


McKay United deliver seamless mobile crane hire and speciality lifting solutions on land and water. We’re the industry leader because of long-standing expertise, most diverse crane fleet, exceptional safety record – and agility. 

With our All-Terrains, Franna Cranes, City Cranes and Crawlers, we have full capability for safe and certified materials for harbour maritime barges, ports, wharves and warehouses.


McKay United have a range of mobile cranes suited to works on Wind Farms. 

Changing out baring and replacing blades are routine jobs for us, with our experience team able to foresee problems long before they arise. 

McKay United will provide above standard quality of work across all regional areas of the sate


When it comes to bridges, our engineering team are second to none. 

Using the latest in CAD design and 3D animations, our crews are able to commit to their job well informed and confident in the planning process. 

Bridges small or large, day or night, our crew understand the importance of safety and time efficiency when working in these environments without compromising on quality of work. 


Working within the rail corridor presents its own site-specific requirements which we at McKay United understand and fully comply with. Our crews are committed to providing quality work, engaging with all other parties on site to ensure safety and efficiency across the board. 


Our crews are well aware of all elements involved in building and constructions sites. Often working alongside a volume of other activities, our crew have the knowledge and training required to predict problems before they arise, allowing works to come together safely to achieve our goals.

Installing precast panels, liftings roof sheets, domestic or commercial environments, our attention to detail and commitment to a safe harmonious outcome remains strong. 

Petro Chemical

Refineries, major hazard facilities and chemical plants are what we know best. 
McKay United have built long standing relationships with some of the leaders in this industry. This is achieved through our on-going commitment to understanding the ins and outs of such a high-risk environment. 
Our crews receive specialised training and PPE and understand their responsibilities when working around such hazardous substances.  

General Hire

For any and all allied zones in our industry, McKay United have the capability and expertise to find a wholistic lifting solution. We continue to actively re-shape the crane fleet mix to reflect our focus on industrial services and major project development. Our strategy is to continue to re-balance the crane fleet in line with customer needs in our chosen markets, with an emphasis on investment in high-end cranes.


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